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WCW Saturday Night: May 11, 1996

This recap comes to you LIVE en route somewhere between Guelph and Kingston, Ontario from the back of a minivan.

DUSTY RHODES and TONY SCHIAVONE are your hosts with the mosts. Dusty has opinions about Lex Luger and his “loyalties”, and fails to share them. According to Tony, Luger has promised to camp out at the door at the arena to ensure he doesn’t miss his opportunity.

“HARD WORK” BOBBY WALKER vs. LEX LUGER (for the WCW World Television title)

Luger attacks from behind and racks Walker for the win at 0:15. Luger refuses to break the hold for about 15 seconds after the bell; and roars to the audience. Looks like a man who wants to be World Champion to me. DUD

Exclusive footage from Nitro: Sting asks Luger where he was; stating while he’s missed flights in his life, he’s never missed a World Title match, let alone twice in a row. Sting then mentions he’s got a World Title match at Slamboree, and wants Luger handcuffed to Hart at ringside. Luger agrees.

TONY SCHIAVONE tells us that apparently Dallas Page has been receiving money from a mysterious benefactor and is on his way back to WCW. Regarding the stipulation where he was forced to quit; that stip was put in if the TV Title was up for grabs, which it wasn’t. Therefore, legally, he still has a job.

Meanwhile, we take a look at “Homeless” Dallas Page going in for a complete makeover, to remove his hobo beard and wash his greasy hair, at a place called “Oddity”.


Scott and Train start; with Steiner hitting a belly to belly. Train comes back with a big boot and splash for 2! Scotty launches the Ice Train with an overhead belly to belly, and tags out. Scott Norton runs over Rick with a shoulder tackle, but the Steiners combine on a dual clothesline to send Norton out. A brawl breaks out between both teams, with Norton getting the early upper hand by powerbombing Scott Steiner. Both teams fight on the floor, where Scott Steiner tosses Norton with an overhead belly to belly. The referee throws the whole thing out at 3:30 when it’s clear neither team is interested in fighting in the ring. *1/2


Guerrero dropkicks Eaton and armbars him to the mat. Eaton comes back with a Uranage Backbreaker that looks quite impressive, and he gets 2. Guerrero recovers, snaps off a rana, and heads up. Froggie Splash wins at 1:52. * DAVE TAYLOR and STEVEN REGAL head down to ringside to give Eaton hell. “Loosen his bloody tooth!” You tell him Steve-o!

Meanwhile, at Universal Studios, Hulk Hogan, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Shaquille O’Neal are hangin’ and bangin’, raisin’ cash and bein’ cool.



The Gambler takes the early advantage!!! Yes baby! That lasts 2.3 seconds before TPE slams him, legdrops him, and swantons him for the win at 0:55. Steve Doll eats a double team DDT on the floor, because.


We’ve gone without Wallstreet for a nice stretch, and I was hoping that streak would continue. His employment isn’t for long, but the faster WCW speeds this process up the better. Wallstreet takes Sting to the floor, where he beats him down. Back in, Sting gets a sunset flip for 2. Abdominal stretch from Wallstreet is more effective than usual due to his willingness to use the ropes for leverage. The referee catches him on the third go around, so Wallstreet releases and clotheslines Sting for 2. A second clothesline attempt is missed, and Wallstreet crashes like it’s 2007. Sting misses the Stinger Splash, but dodges an enzuigiri and finishes with the Scorpion Deathlock at 2:54. *1/2

Backstage, LEX LUGER apologizes to Sting, with “MEAN” GENE OKERLUND nearby as a witness. Sting tells Luger that most guys get 1 World Title opportunity if they’re lucky; he’s missed 2. Luger says he’s missed them through no fault of his own, but won’t elaborate and that just pisses Sting off. Luger says he’s leaving for Nashville immediately, Sting offers to buy the pup-tent and sleeping bag so he won’t miss another show.

Shortened edition this week due to the Braves. See ya Monday for Nitro.

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